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A dream come true... an idea that arose from the love that binds us to our magical land and from the desire to spread knowledge of it throughout the world, as it deserves. was created as a tourism promotion portal with the goal being to bring value to every single geographic area through consulting the content dedicated to the towns. The visitors will be the true stars of the Bentanas project. Through their photo contributions in the environmental, culture and tradition, and archaeology sections, they can bring more value to their area by increasing the visibility of all of its special features, which are often not widely known.
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Discovering Sardinia through the 9 themed content areas dedicated to towns, will be a unique and complete navigation experience for the user.

Info-assistance service

A team of skilled professionals will be available to users for any information about the portal and to companies for information on the services offered.

Advertiser banners

A professional circuit of advertising banners inside, published in the three different visibility levels of the portal and continuously monitored by the customer.


Dedicated to everyone who loves Sardinia and want to give it voice. Now you can contribute to enhancing the area with your photos.

An eye on businesses

Special attention is paid to the manufacturing and commercial activities operating in Sardinia. A package of professional services designed to improve and increase visibility.

Accessibility from PC, tablet, and smartphone

Accessible and navigable from any workstation or mobile device thanks to the ability of its layout to adapt its contents to any resolution.

3 reasons to choose

  • 1

    Since our beginning we have carried an indescribable love and attachment for our land, that is difficult to describe in words but is always felt and remains with us throughout our entire lives.

    We decided to share the beauty of our land with the entire world, to spread awareness of all of its aspects and lesser known locations, discovering local towns.

  • 2

    An enormous archive of information is available to our visitors. All of the data related to the towns and the themed areas are continuously verified and updated.

    Environment, culture and traditions, archaeology, food & wine, hospitality facilities, craftsmanship, excursions, and traditional recipes are the main topics covered in the portal to illustrate each town.

  • 3

    This is the first Sardinian portal that allows users who subscribe to the blog to be the primary stars in promoting the territory by publishing their photos.

    This is a great responsibility placed into the hands of all Sardinians who wish to make their contribution for their town or people who passed through and were enchanted by the area.