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The primary services offers are

Consultation and Information on Towns

All web users who are passionate about Sardinia or even occasional visitors to the website will have a large archive available, full of specific information on each town in Sardinia.
Visitors can take a virtual tour of the town chosen by accessing the 9 topics that, through the photos and information, offers them a unique and complete navigation experience. It is a useful tool for discovering the true spirit of Sardinia.

Free registration in the lists

We have paid special attention to Sardinian companies and manufacturing activities. If you have a business and wish to register it on, contact our customer service for a free listing.
A powerful and intuitive search engine inside the portal will allow users to look for activities registered in the lists, showing also the database of free registrations in detail. Easy and effective promotion service.

“SHOWCASE” service for companies

All users registered in the lists can increase their visibility and improve their image by purchasing the “Showcase” service. It is, in fact, an actual professional home page inside, structured ad-hoc to contain all the information about a business:
Presentation, services, contacts, location using interactive maps, photo gallery, access to social networks, and private contact form. Customers registered with the Showcase service will have access to a restricted area through which they can interact with the administration of the website for communication, updates, etc. through a support ticket system.

“BANNER” service for advertisers

Do you wish to promote your business, an event, or a product in Sardinia? A professional circuit of advertising banners within is available to everyone, even those not registered, and will allow the broadcasting of banners according to the fee plan chosen by the customer.
The circuit calls for three different visibility levels: The primary one is the Home page and all pages in the first level, province, and town, depending upon the banner interest area. The advertisers will have access to a restricted area through which they will be able to monitor the progress of the campaign in real time, keeping an eye on the impressions and clicks.

AdWords campaigns for Showcase promotion

Users registered on who have purchased the “Showcase” service can significantly increase the visibility of their business by activating targeted advertising campaigns using the Google AdWords system.
Your Showcase will be publicized directly in the search engine, receiving maximum visibility based on a package of established keywords. A team of professionals will follow the creation, activation, and management of your campaign in order to obtain the maximum yield.

Themed blog

We have paid special attention to the social area of the portal, the themed blog. It is a meeting point for all registered visitors where they can share their experiences or visits to Sardinia by publishing their photos.
Users can discuss and promote Sardinia in 3 subject areas: Environment, culture and traditions, and archaeology It is a simple yet concrete way to increase information on a specific location while at the same time enhancing and giving voice to the towns involved.

Information and assistance

A team of prepared and willing professionals will be at the disposal of visitors and users to provide informational and technical support on the portal, services, and activities.
The service is free and easily reached by sending an information request from the portal or by calling the numbers provided in the Contact us section. If you need help, contact us now.

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